Reservations and Confirmations
  • In order to make a reservation just send and email to with your information and the days you need to reserve.
  • Once your reservation is processed you will receive a confirmation email  and your days will appear in the reservation calendar 
  • You will have 3 days to confirm your reservation doing a $50 PayPal payment + $2.35 (PayPal fee)
  • Your confirmation will be updated within reservation calendar and you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Minimal period for rentig are 3 nights.
Check in
  • During the check in you must pay $150 for guaranty deposit, at this point your confirmation payment will complete the entire $200 guaranty deposit. ($50 already paid in PayPal)
  • You must pay in advance 100% each period (days, week or month)
Check out
  • In the check out  (2 p.m. max.)
  • $30  will be charged as a cleaning fee. 
  • In case of damaged things (furniture or apparent) an amount should be discounted from your guaranty deposit. If the apartment and the furniture are in the same good conditions as when you checked in, then you will have your $200  guaranty back ($50+pay pal fee via PayPal in your credit card and $150 in cash). If the guaranty deposit does cover all the damages you will have to pay the amount not covered.

Kinds of payments accepted.

You are able to pay in Cash in all payments but the first one (reservation) only using PayPal payment for you to confirm your reservation.

PayPal: (Also credit Cards via PayPal)
Each PayPal payment has two extra  PayPal fees:
  • 4.3% + $0.3 for receiving the money
  • $10 for collecting the money from the account.

Canceling reservations or confirmations
  • Reservation can be canceled by email or not confirming within the first 3 days after you receive the first reservation confirmation email.
  • Confirmations can be canceled by 3 weeks before your first day booked. You will receive back your $50.
  • You will not have your money back if you cancel in a shorter period than 3 weeks before your first day booked or no-show.